5.4. Import

How to load the items and index keywords imported from other XooNIps sites:

Click on the [Import] button at the XooNIps User menu.

Table 5.1. Import functions


"File to import"

Select the file to be imported.

"To certify items automatically"

If the item is to be imported to the public area, it will be automatically certified publishing.

"Don't import (Error check only)"

Perform error check but do not import.


Show the importing logs. (default)

Check the checkbox of the index keyword to which an intended file will be imported. Choose the file to be imported and click on the [Next] button.

Figure 5.91. Import

If "logging" is checked and any errors occur, error descriptions will be displayed. Return to the previous screen and modify them.

Figure 5.92. Import error log

If there is no error, click on the import button.

Refrain from unwanted overwriting:

It is subject to confirm whether or not to overwrite the file if it is found to include duplicated keywords or items.

Figure 5.93. Refrain from unwanted overwriting

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