6.3. How to install item type modules:

Install item type modules.

Copy the item type module to the module directory.

[root@xoonips-server ~]# cp -R xoonips-3.44/itemtypes/* /var/www/html/modules/

6.3.1. Setup for item type modules

The procedure is the same as XooNIps module.

The types of item type module vary with the structure of the website.

Click on [Module Installation]

Click on the install icon at "Control". (same as XooNIps installation)

6.3.2. Close the XooNIps installation

[root@xoonips-server ~]# rm -f xoonips-3.44.tar.gz

← Delete downloaded files.

[root@xoonips-server ~]# rm -rf xoonips-3.44

← Delete expanded directories.

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