1.1. How to search and browse the published items (information):

The guest users are permitted to search and browse the registered items in the public area.

A list will be displayed by clicking on an item type (ex. "Binders", "model" as described) at the "Index Tree".

"XooNIps Search" is for searching items by item type or metadata.

Figure 5.1. Home page

On a "Listing item" screen, the order of the listed items can be changed by the pulldown menu at "Order by". The conditions vary with the item types.

Figure 5.2. "Listing item" (search result)

On a "Detail" screen, [Download] button will appear only if the item is permitted to be downloaded by guest users.

Figure 5.3. "Detail"

Downloading will be permitted only if the user agrees with the license condition.

Figure 5.4. "License agreement"

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