4.2. Certify users

To entitle non-registered users (new users/guests) to use the XooNIps functions, the moderator may have to perform the following procedure. Refer back to the Table 4.2. (Chapter 4) "User Registration Policies". If your site's site policy has been set as "Certify automatically", the moderator can skip the following procedure.

Click on the link [Certify Users] at "XooNIps Moderator menu".

Figure 5.71. Certify users

The following functions will be active by clicking on the following links: Email, detail, certify.

  • Email

    A mailer comes out with the email address of the user.

  • Detail

    Show the "Detail" screen of the user's items.

  • Certify

    Decide whether or not to certify non-registered users. (Users can not use the XooNIps functions without being certified.)

Figure 5.72. Certify users 2

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