4.6. Access log analysis

How to download event logs on XooNIps in a CSV formatted file or transform the data into a graphic chart:

Click on the link [Event Log] at the "XooNIps Moderator's menu".

Figure 5.78. Even log analysis

  • Download event logs

    How to download event logs:

    Indicate a period for the intended event logs. The data will be downloaded in CSV formatted file.

    Figure 5.79. Download event logs by indicating a period

  • By the event

    Indicate a specific period. Choose "Download" or "Graph" for each category: "Access to top page", "Access to item", "Download of item" and "New users and items".

    Figure 5.80. Download and graphic chart

    Figure 5.81. Event log graphic chart

  • "Registered Information"

    List the status of registered users and items.

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