1.7. 'Item Comment' (XooNIps>>Site Policies>>Item Information>>Item Comment)

Comment settings for the item. This function depends on d3forum module.

It has to be installed d3forum module and create forum before setting these options.

  • "Directory setting"

    Set the directory name of d3forum used by comment function.

  • "Forum ID setting"

    Set the forum ID made with d3forum.

Figure 4.9. "Item Comment"

Other settings:

Modify the last line of "xoonips_detail.html" by using the template editing function of altsys module.

Delete <{3 letters and the last 3 letters}> at the beginning.

Figure 4.10. Item Comment (Setting 2)

Figure 4.11. Item Comment (Setting - 3)

Enter the line below at the "Format for comment-integration" field (Item comment>>Forum Manager).


Figure 4.12. Item Comment (Setting - 4)

Now, comments can be added to an item on its "Detail" screen.

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