2.7. Item transfer

Basically, an item's edit authority is given only to the user who originally registered/requested to register the item.

When the user resigns from the membership, he/she can transfer their items to another user.

  • How to transfer an item:

    Click on the link [Request Item Transfer] on XooNIps user menu.

    Figure 5.53. "Request Item Transfer"

    Identify the item to be transferred. Use either of [Item List], [Index keyword], [Search] at "Add items from" for searching it.

    Figure 5.54. Request Item Transfer 2

    Choose the user who transfers his/her authority (transferee) by the dropdown list and click on the [Next] button.

    Figure 5.55. Request Item Transfer 3

    A confirmation screen will appear. Click on the [execute transfer] button.

    Figure 5.56. Request Item transfer 4

  • How to transfer a user's editing authority to another user:

    Click on the link of "Accept Item Transfer".

    Choose an index tree keyword to register the transferred item and click on the [Accept] button.

    Figure 5.57. Accept Item Transfer

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