2.2. 'User Management' (XooNIps>>Maintenance>>User Management)

How to manage user information (editing/deleting user information, registering new users, etc.).

Figure 4.17. "User Management"

Click on a pen-icon to edit user information.

Click on a X-icon to delete user information.

2.2.1. "Register New user" (click on [Register New User], upper right of the "User Management" screen).

Edit the new user's information. The required fields are indicated by "*". Fill out the fields and click on [UPDATE] below.

Use this screen for changing passwords.

The required fields vary with the setups made on (XooNIps - Site Policies -) User Information.

  • Username

    Enter a handle (online name) of the user to be displayed on XooNIps

  • Real Name

    Enter the user's real name

  • Email

    Enter email address. Check the checkbox if allow other users to view the email address.

  • Website

    Enter the URL to be published.

  • User's Groups

    Choose a XOOPS group which the user belongs to.

    Table 4.8. "User's Groups"

    Pulldown menu



    Make the user belong to the webmasters group as XOOPS indicates.

    Registered User

    Make the user belong to the registered users group as XOOPS indicates.


    Make the user belong to the moderator group of XooNIps.

  • Position

    Choose the user's position from the pulldown list.

  • Division

    Enter the division the user belongs to.

  • Company Name

    Enter the company/university/institution name the user belongs to.

  • Phone Number

    Enter the telephone number if wish to publish it.

  • FAX Number

    Enter the fax number if wish to publish it.

  • Address

    Enter the address if wish to publish it.

  • Country

    Enter the country where the user live.

  • Zipcode

    Enter the ZIP code, if wish to publish it.

  • Time zone

    Choose a time zone according to the user's country.

  • Interests

    Enter the user's interests, if wish to publish it.

  • Free Description

    Describe anything you want.

  • Signature

    Enter the user's signature. Check/uncheck the checkbox "Always attach my signature".

  • Password

    Register a password.

  • Verify Password

    Enter the password again to confirm it.

  • New Item Mail Notification [per day]

    Set the frequency of email notification by the day.:" (Listed later in this section).

    This is applicable only if it's been set as "Email (Pulldown menu)" at "Notification Method:" (Listed later in this section).

  • Maximum Private Items

    Enter the maximum number of items to be registered in a private area.

    Default value: 500

  • Maximum Private Indexes

    Enter the maximum number of indexes for a private area.

    Default value: 200

  • Maximum Disk Space for Private Items [MB]

    Enter the maximum disk capacity for a private area by the MB.

    Default value: 500

  • Comment Display Mode

    Choose a comment display mode from the pulldown menu.

    This is for XOOPS standard comment function. Note that this is not for adding comments to the items on XooNIps3.4.

    Table 4.9. Comment Display Mode

    Comment Display Mode (Pulldown)



    Comments will be nest-displayed.


    Comments will be flat-displayed.


    Comments will be sorted by groups according to the title.

  • Comments Sort Order

    Choose either of "Oldest First" or "Newest First" from the pulldown menu.

    Table 4.10. Comments Sort Order

    Pulldown menu


    Oldest First

    Comments will be sorted out from the oldest to the newest.

    Newest First

    Comments will be sorted out from the newest to the oldest.

  • Rank

    Setup for ranking

    Leave it as it is.

  • Notification Method: When you monitor e.g. a forum, how would you like to receive notifications of updates?

    Define a manner of receiving notification messages of updated events.

    Table 4.11. Notification Method

    Pulldown menu


    Temporarily Disable

    Temporarily stop receiving the messages.

    Private Message

    via PM function of XOOPS.

    Email (use address in my profile)

    via the registered email address.

  • Default Notification Mode

    Define the timing for being notified.

    Table 4.12. Default Notification

    Pulldown menu


    Notify me of all selected updates

    To be notified every time events are updated.

    Notice me only once

    To be notified only once

    Notify me once then disable until I log in again.

    Once it notifies, it won't notify until it is logged in again.

  • Receive occasional email notices from administrators and moderators?

    Choose "Yes", if wish to receive email messages about news update on XooNIps.

Figure 4.18. "Register New User"

The entered information can be viewed at the "User Information" (on a XooNIps website, User Menu >> User List).

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