3.5. Publish a group index

The items registered in a group index can be collectively transferred to the public index by each keyword:

  • Group administrator

    Click on the [Edit Group Tree] at "XooNIps Group Admin menu".

    Figure 5.67. Block publishing of group indexes

    At the "Publication group item" check the checkboxes of the keywords to be published.

    By the dropdown list, choose a public index keyword to which the checked index keywords are to be added. Click on the [Submit] button.

    Figure 5.68. Block publishing of group indexes 2

  • Moderator

    Click on the link [Certify Public Group Items] at the "XooNIps Moderator menu".

    Figure 5.69. Block publishing of group indexes 3

    Check the checkbox either of [Approve] or [Reject].

    Decide whether or not to publish the item by clicking on [Accept] or [Reject].

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