2.2. Data classification

2.2.1. Data classification by item type

XooNIps is designed to support a variety of item types (12 different data formats). Besides, it provides advanced features to apply to emerging formats.

2.2.2. Index trees to classify / manage items

The items will be organized by the Index Tree. The Index Tree consists of the following publication areas: Public, Group and Private. Each of the areas consists of keywords so that the items can be logically and effectively sorted.

Figure 1.3. XooNIps

The following search options are available on XooNIps.

  • Directory search by index trees

    • Choose an index tag (public, group and private) to view the item list.

  • Keyword search

    • Choose a keyword at the default field.

  • Detail search

    • Specify a search condition on each item type field.

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