Setting user access rights for a module

Many modules are interactive, that is they provide for user input and may produce display feedback and information as a result of that input.

As mentioned in a previous section, XOOPS provides a core system of user access rights through the 'Groups' settings. When installing and configuring a new module, be sure to set the appropriate permissions in Administration Menu>System Admin>Groups”.

However, when installing a new module, some default permissions are applied to the groups of a XOOPS site.

h) The Webmasters Group

It is assumed that the webmaster always requires ultimate control of the site, so when a new module is installed, the Webmasters/ Site Administrator Group is granted with all the access rights, in all 4 sets of rights.

i) The Registered Users Group

On installation of a new module, the Registered Users Group is granted with all the Module Access Rights and the Block Access Rights that are related to the newly installed module.

j) The Anonymous Group

When a new module is installed, the Anonymous Groups does not get any access rights on the newly installed module. If you want the Anonymous Group to access this module, you will have to set the permissions yourself.

k) Groups created by Site Administrators

All other groups that have been created by site administrators are not granted any rights upon the installation of a new module. As for the Anonymous Groups, site administrators have to set these rights themselves.

This concludes our first introduction to the XOOPS modules. There are many other refinements available to the more experienced user. These will be described in greater detail in the ‘Webmasters guide to XOOPS’

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