Modules provide essential content for any XOOPS website. Once the administrator has installed the core scripts and configured basic functions in the administration control panel, they will need to consider which modules will fulfil the required content.

This needs some planning, both for the modules to be displayed and also the layout on the pages. It is a good idea to review other XOOPS sites and see which modules are used to display various types of content. This is easily done by opening any XOOPS site and hovering over the menu links on the left and right hand side panels. At the same time look at the URLs displayed in the status bar on your browser. You should see addresses like this: All modules are stored in the /modules/ directory, thus the following sector of the address (in this example 'news') shows the module that will display contents of that menu link.

If you open the page for the link it will show an example of how the module is used and the type of content it displays. Reviewing other sites like this will also give you some good insight into layout and design capabilities.

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