As Registered User

Any visitor may register with your site (if you allow site registration) granting access to restricted content, interactivity and privileges, depending on how your site is configured. They will not have access to the site administrator's link to the admin section, nor will they be able to gain access by inputting the admin URL in the address bar. (Access is combined with a cookie function)

Users can only register using unique usernames and password combinations. As administrator you may also assign certain usernames (in Site admin>user info settings) that you want to prevent new registrants using. Once any combination of username/password strings has been used the system will not allow duplication for security reasons.

Registered users can change their passwords at any time by updating their account information. Once a registered member logs in successfully, they are returned to the site page they were viewing. Other features and menus of the site may now be available to them, depending on how the site is configured.

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