Have you ever seen an unsuccessful mall? There are some. They have nice stores, an adequate location, a nice infrastructure, yet visitors are few and they languish until the managers or owners give up. The same thing can happen to a XOOPS Web site: it can have good modules, an adequate theme, all the necessary functions, and still attract few visitors.

What’s the matter? That’s a tough question to answer, but more often than not the answer might lie in the realm of content. In the Web, says common wisdom, content is king. If you have a nice News module but you update once every two months, or if your news items are badly written, or if they have little relevance for users, why should they visit often?

Content is the key to a successful site. And in the past many a webmaster complained about how difficult it was to keep pace with the Internet’s frantic rhythm. Change a site’s content? Are you out of your mind? Who has time to change all that HTML? The advent of content managers, Web interfaces that allow for an easy update of the content changed all that. XOOPS’ infrastructure offers modules a lot of power to define nice content management interfaces, so as a XOOPS webmaster you’ll be concerned with what to show and not with how to show it.

A XOOPS site’s content is stored in a MySQL relational database, so it can be easily retrieved, stored, archived or otherwise used.

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