Incorrect Login Procedure

If for any reason an unrecognised combination of username and password is used during login, the system will return an 'Incorrect login' page. A subsequent page displaying the login form quickly follows this. There is also an extra input form for requesting a new password by email should it be lost or become insecure. Users should re-enter their login details and try again, or request a password replacement by email. The login box also displays a “lost password?” link that goes directly to this page.

If a new password is required, fill in your email address in the appropriate form. A registration confirmation email is sent to the address entered if it is recognised in the database. Click on the link in the email to activate another email post containing the new password. Use the new password along with your original username to login on the next visit. You will probably want to change the password back to something more memorable in your account details.

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