Some preliminaries before we get started in the admin area JavaScript

JavaScript is used in various functions of the administration section, both to display menus and also within scripts. Please make sure JavaScript is enabled on your local machine. If JavaScript is enabled you will see pop-up menus appear when you hover over ‘system admin’ icon in the control panel home page. If you decide not to activate JavaScript, simply click the icon to return a new page of menus as detailed below. Cache

Much of your site creation and administration will involve changing layout, images, text, and module functions. If you want to see these changes immediately by visiting your web pages, it is important that your browser displays fresh content from the server and not old cache data from your local machine! This particularly affects images. Make certain your browser is set to ignore cache memory when updating your site content.

Let’s begin exploring, learning and creating our site by working through the menus displayed under ‘System admin’ icon. We will work through these alphabetically for convenience, however you may decide to visit the ‘preferences>general settings’ section first in order to review and set some important options. There is no specific or recommended order for administrating your site, although you may wish to simply create a content block and activate a module, just to see how things work!

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