Language Files

Although XOOPS at the moment doesn’t offer multi-language capability in its core, we offer XOOPS versions in several different languages, and if your language is not there, you can translate easily all the site’s strings without needing to touch the code. Meanings are stored in language files that can be easily translated to adapt XOOPS to your particular language. You can also use a specialized modules to have multi-language capabilities

Unlike some other packages, XOOPS fully supports multi-byte languages, which means it can be used to deploy sites in Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Korean, etc.

Since the XOOPS community is spread all over the world, chances are there’s already a support community for your specific language. There are at least a dozen support sites worldwide, and many xoopsers have translated language files to many more languages. Just search and, if you don't find what you need, ask around.

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