Xmf\Yaml supports serializing data to YAML, and deserializing YAML to PHP data.

YAML is a markup language designed for human friendliness. It is useful for configuration files, database schemas, data import/export and more.

Basic YAML Serializing and Deserializing


Dump an PHP array $var as a YAML string


Load a YAML string $yamlString into a PHP array

Saving to and Reading from Files


Read the file $yamlFile containing YAML into a PHP array

Yaml::save($var, $yamlFile)

Save a PHP array $var as a YAML file $yamlFile.

Wrapped YAML

When YAML data is saved to a text file, if that file is exposed via a web server, the data can be easily read using a browser. Best practice would be to place sensitive files outside of the web root in a secured directory, with names that cannot be easily predicted. This is not always possible.

In circumstances where a YAML file might be served directly through a web server, Xmf\Yaml provides wrapped versions of all the basic functions, dump(), load(), read() and save(). These work by storing a YAML document wrapped as comments within a small PHP wrapper. This wrapped data should be saved in a file with a .php extension.

If directly accessed by the web server, such a wrapped file will be executed as PHP, producing blank output.

Inside the wrapped file, the YAML document is marked in the file with a line consisting of three dashes ("---") and ending with a line consisting three dots ("...") as documented in the YAML specifications.

The base functions do not support the document within a stream format. The wrapped forms support a single marked document with a YAML stream. If a stream does not contain a marked document, the entire stream will be treated as a YAML stream.


Dump an PHP array $var as a YAML string with a php wrapper


Load a YAML string $yamlString with a php wrapper into a PHP array


Read a file $yamlFile containing YAML with a php wrapper into a PHP array

Yaml::saveWrapped($var, $yamlFile)

Save a PHP array $var as a YAML file $yamlFile with a php wrapper

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