Applying Data


Set the page title tag to $title.


Set the meta keywords tag with using the array of keywords in $keywords.


Set the meta description tag to $description.

Metagen::generateMetaTags($title, $body)

Full form:

Metagen::generateMetaTags(*$title*, *$body*, *$count*, *$minLength*, *$wordCount*, *$forceKeys*)

Generate and assign title, keywords and description meta tags, taking the title from $title, extracting the keywords and description from $body.

The maximum number of key words is $count, which defaults to 20. Only words at least $minlen, which defaults to 4, will be considered.

No more than $wordCount words, default is 100, will be included in the description.

If specified, the array of words in $forceKeys will be used as keywords. Those words will count toward the $count.

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