The Xmf\Jwt\TokenFactory class provides a convenient factory method to simplify creating JSON Web Token strings.

TokenFactory::build($key, $payload, $expirationOffset)

This method creates and returns a JSON Web Token string.

The $key is used to to sign the token. It may be specified as a KeyAbstract object, or a key name string that will be used to build a key object using the KeyFactory using a default FileStorage instance for storage.

The $payload is an associative array of claims included in the token, elements in the form claim => value.

The $expirationOffset is an integer that specifies an expiration time as the number of seconds from now that the token will expire. If specified, this will be added as an 'exp' claim to the payload.

If the token cannot be generated, an exception will be thrown. Possible exceptions include:

  • DomainException;

  • InvalidArgumentException;

  • UnexpectedValueException;

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