Extracting Data

Generating Metadata

Metagen::generateKeywords($body, $count, $minLength, $forceKeys)

Extract a list of keywords from the text $body.

The maximum number of key words is $count, which defaults to 20. Only words at least $minlen, which defaults to 4, will be considered.

If specified, the array of words in $forceKeys will be used as keywords. Those words will count toward the $count.

Return array of keywords.

Metagen::generateDescription($body, $wordCount)

Extract a short description from the text $body.

No more than $wordCount words, default is 100, will be included in the description.

Returns a string.

Metagen::generateSeoTitle($title, $extension)

Create an SEO slug from the $title, adding the string $extension, if specified.

Metagen::getSearchSummary($haystack, $needles, $length)

Splits a string, $haystack, into a string no longer than the length specified as $length, default 120. The string is centered around the first occurrence of any string in the array $needles, or starting at the beginning of the string if no $needles are specified or found.


This method is deprecated. Use of StopWords::check() is prefered.

Look up the word $key in the list of stop words and classify it as a significant word or a stop word.

Returns true if the word is significant, or false if it is a stop word.

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