1. List of accounts

On the list of accounts you see current existing accounts.

You can:

  • Add/edit the accounts

  • List transactions for the account

  • Delete an account

  • Sort the accounts simply by drag&drop

2. Add new/edit account

2.1. Parent account

You can define a parent account.

2.2. Key

You can define a key for your account in order to get a "structure" in your accounts. You can use alphanumeric values.

2.3. Name

You can define a name for your account.

2.4. Description

You can define an additional description for your account.

2.4. Classification

You can define, whether the account can be used for incomes, expenses or both. In the creation of transactions you will get, depending on this setting, only relevant accounts.

2.5. Color

You can define a color for your account. This color will be used in lists and charts.

2.6. Use in income/expenses calculation

You can define whether an account should be used for income/expenses calculation. If a booking on the account should not influence your calculation (e.g. bank garanties) then set to "NO".

2.7. Online

You can set an account online or offline. Only if an account is online then users will see it when adding/editing transactions.

3. Delete an account

Deleting an account is only possible if it is not used for transactions.

4. Sort account

When you move your mouse over an account the mouse point will change and you can (re)sort the accounts simply by drag&drop.

You can sort or also add an account as a child of another account.

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