Administration Menu

1. Menu

There are seven (7) menu options on top. These can be seen in the graphic below above the Module’s Administration tabs. The menu options available are described in the table below.




Here you can configure your preferences for the module


Click here if you’ve made some changes to the module, uploaded new files, etc. – this will recompile the module and update all entries in the database


When you click here, it will redirect you to the Blocks section of XOOPS, and select the blocks related to your module


Here you can modify the standard module templates using the XOOPS Template manager


This module does not support Comments so the link takes you the XOOPS Comment manager


Links to the module uninstall option, the same as clicking the “red arrow” on the module administration page

Go to module

If the module is visible on the user side, this will take you there

2. Dashboard

On the dashboard you get a short overview about the functionalities and the content of the module.

3. Functionalities for admins:

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