Misc options

Default sender for output

Default sender which should be used for output templates


You can add keywords, which are added to the meta tags. Seperate the keywords by comma.

Advertisement Code

Insert here the advertisement code

Maintained By

Allow url of support site or community

Comment Rules

The standard comment rules of XOOPS are available

  • Disable Comments

  • Comments are always approved

  • Comments by Registered users are always approvedA

  • All comments need to be approved by Admin

Allow anonymous comments

Decide if you want allow anonymous users to post comments. Very often, this results in a lot of spam messages

Enable Notification

This module allows users to be notified when certain events occur. Select if users should be presented with notification options in a Block (Block-style), within the module (Inline-style), or both. For block-style notification, the Notification Options block must be enabled for this module.

Enable Specific Events

Select which notification events to which your users may subscribe. Following events are available:

  • Global notification

    • Send notification for any new item

    • Send notification for any modified item

    • Send notification for any deleted item

    • Send notification for any item to approve

    • Send notification for any comments

  • Transaction notification

    • Send notification when transaction modified

    • Send notification when transaction deleted

    • Send notification when comment added

    • Send notification when comment submitted

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