wgSimpleAcc Tutorial


Version: 1.22

for XOOPS 2.5.11+

for PHP 7.3 + (PHP 8 ready)

User Manual

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Module Purpose

The module is used for simple income / expense accounting for clubs or small businesses.

This module supports:

  • Use of

    • assignments

    • assets

    • accounts

    • clients

    • taxes

    • currencies

  • Creation of balance with a

    few clicks

  • Upload of documents/images

  • Detailed rights management (confirm, send, view)

  • Creation of your own output templates

  • Visualization with Chartjs

All used templates on user side are fully responsive.

This module works only in combination with a bootstrap theme or you have to include bootstrap files manually to your theme.

Example of dashboard on user side
Dashboard on admin side


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