Implementing SmartFAQ

SmartFAQ is a module with a very broad scope of application. On the surface, its a question and answer module with stacks of useful features, but how do we implement it and what are its applications?

I have put together a few ideas that, no doubt will be superceded by better ones. As it is said "The distance between genius and insanity is measured only by success"

The SmartFAQ website. A knowledge-base

SmartFAQ is big and comprehensive enough to fill a whole website. This is the tool of choice for creating a resource of knowledge that can be both supplied and extracted by its users, while being managed and moderated by administrators. Because of its sophisticated permissions system the module can divide and thread content to selected groups without loss of security or integrity. Material can be presented in a variety of forms from truncated snippets to full length articles, complete with images and basic formatting.

A simple FAQ

The module can be set up to display discreet FAQs to support a project or a website. Blocks can be added to specific pages or modules and programmed to supply dedicated help content, even to a specific URL. This can be archived over a multiple page basis giving instruction or help exactly where it is needed.

Company intranet

SmartFAQ can categorize content and feed this to specific groups of users. This is an ideal tool for an inter-departmental knowledge-base. Not only the content, but input for feed material can be restricted to certain groups and viewers, making this a true mainframe of channeled information.


The crucial features required here are a flexible notifications system. SmartFAQ provides Global to Granular notifications, directly into your inbox. Select from category, topic, or even specific question notifications. Whatever happens, you can be informed automatically.

Beyond FAQ

SmartFAQ is designed around questions and answers. However, with some tweaking to language files, it could be used for any type of request and response mechanism. This need not be limited to written material. 'Open questions' could be converted to 'Items required' or 'services offered' The categorization and notification systems will work just as well, as they are generic requirements to any type of supply and demand.

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