XoopsFormSelect($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1, $multiple=false)

Usage XoopsFormSelect is a normal drop-down menu.

Most Important Functions

  • addOption($value, $name="", $disabled = false) - add an option to the select, if no name is given the value carries over. From XOOPS 2.2, $disabled can be set to true in order to make the option non-selectable

  • addOptionArray($options, $disabled=array()) - add options from a value-name pair array. The array's key is the value. From XOOPS 2.2, $disabled can be an array of values that should be disabled

Child Classes

  • XoopsFormSelectCountry($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1) - Countries

  • XoopsFormSelectGroup($caption, $name, $include_anon=false, $value=null, $size=1, $multiple=false) - Usergroups

  • XoopsFormSelectLang($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1) - Language selection

  • XoopsFormSelectMatchOption($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1) - Match ("Starts with", "Ends With", "Equals" or "Contains") selection

  • XoopsFormSelectTheme($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1) - Theme selection

  • XoopsFormSelectTimezone($caption, $name, $value=null, $size=1) - Timezone selection

  • XoopsFormSelectUser($caption, $name, $include_anon=false, $value=null, $size=1, $multiple=false) - User selection, $include_anon will include the anonymous user if true

Common for all these classes is that they do not need the addOption - options are automatically populated

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