Add Comment Notification

In some cases it can be interesting to get notified, if for a specific item a new comment was published on your website. The following example shows how to get this working.

In this example you can see the implementation in module wgGallery

1) Adapt xoops_version.php

First step:

you have to check whether there is a callback function defined or not

// Comment callback functions
$modversion['comments']['callbackFile'] = 'include/comment_functions.php';
$modversion['comments']['callback']['approve'] = 'wggalleryCommentsApprove';
$modversion['comments']['callback']['update'] = 'wggalleryCommentsUpdate';

if not please as the definition to xoops_version.php

Second step:

You have to add the notification options, which you want to have. In wgGallery we have the option to get a notification of a comment

a) in any case

// Global Events Image commented
$modversion['notification']['event'][] = [
'name' => 'img_comment_all',
'category' => 'global',
'admin_only' => 0,
'description' => '',
'mail_template' => 'global_img_comment_notify',

b) or if an image of a specific album have been commented

This event will be added by XOOPS itself. Therefore no action is required.

2) Language files

add the defines to your language file modinfo.php

define('_MI_WGGALLERY_GLOBAL_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY', 'Notify me about new comments for images');
define('_MI_WGGALLERY_GLOBAL_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY_CAPTION', 'Notify me about comments for images');
define('_MI_WGGALLERY_GLOBAL_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY_SUBJECT', 'Notification about comments for an image');
define('_MI_WGGALLERY_ALBUMS_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY', 'Notify me about new comments for images in this album');
define('_MI_WGGALLERY_ALBUMS_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY_CAPTION', 'Notify me about comments for images in this album');
define('_MI_WGGALLERY_ALBUMS_IMG_COMMENT_NOTIFY_SUBJECT', 'Notification about new comment for an image');

3) Adapt include/comment_functions.php

In any case a comment is sent and approved xoops with call the callback function wggalleryCommentsApprove($comment) As a parameter you get the comment object with all necessary information Therefore we need only to add the call of notification handler

$helper = \XoopsModules\Wggallery\Helper::getInstance();
// send notifications
$imgId = $comment->getVar('com_itemid');
$imageObj = $helper->getHandler('Images')->get($imgId);
$albId = $imageObj->getVar('img_albid');
$tags = [];
$tags['IMAGE_NAME'] = $imageObj->getVar('img_name');
$tags['IMAGE_URL'] = XOOPS_URL . '/modules/' . $GLOBALS['xoopsModule']->getVar('dirname') . '/images.php?op=show&img_id=' . $imgId . '&alb_id=' . $albId;
$tags['ALBUM_URL'] = XOOPS_URL . '/modules/' . $GLOBALS['xoopsModule']->getVar('dirname') . '/albums.php?op=show&alb_id=' . $albId;
$notificationHandler = xoops_getHandler('notification');
$notificationHandler->triggerEvent('global', 0, 'img_comment_all', $tags, [], $comment->getVar('com_modid'));
$notificationHandler->triggerEvent('albums', $albId, 'img_comment', $tags);

4) Add notification template to language file

Add a notification template to language/english/mail_template (or in your language file directory). Use the name you defined in xoops_version.php (in our example: 'mail_template' => 'global_img_comment_notify',)

Thats all :)