In the Preferences, you can set the most important options for the module, such as the number of visible Topics per page.

Figure 12 The Preferences options

Module configuration options



SEO-URL enabled

rewrites the URL, you need mod_rewrite and a. htaccess see readme.htaccess

Enable PNG hack

The hack to allow PNG transparency attribute with IE

Display Mode of subforums on index page

Choose one of the methods to display subforums

Post excerpt on forum page

Length of post excerpt by mouse over. 0 for no excerpt.

Topics per Page

The maximum number of topics that will be displayed per page

Posts per Page

The maximum number of posts that will be displayed per page

Display of navigation

Shows the page number in the corresponding hardware mode

Enable Cache

Store some intermediate results in session to save queries

Enable Stats

The stats will be shown in your forum at the bottom of each forum/topic

Attachments physical path.

Physical path only needs to be set from your xoops root and not before, for example you may have attachments uploaded to the path entered would then be '/uploads/newbb' never include a trailing slash '/' the thumbnails path becomes '/uploads/newbb/thumbs'

Enable Media Features

Display attached Images directly in the post.

Path for ImageMagick

Usually it is '/usr/bin/X11'. Leave it BLANK if you do not have ImageMagicK installed or for autodetecting.

Path for Netpbm

Usually it is '/usr/bin'. Leave it BLANK if you do not have Netpbm installed or for autodetecting.

Select the Image library to use

Select which Image library to use for creating Thumbnails. Leave AUTO for automatic choice.

Display attachments only for registered users

shows attachments in the forum only after logging in.

Maximum Image Width

Sets the maximum allowed Width size of an uploaded image otherwise thumbnail will be used. Input 0 if you do not want to create thumbnails.

Maximum height of an image

Sets the maximum allowed height of an uploaded image.

Maximum Image Width for creating thumbnail

Sets the maximum width of an uploaded image to create thumbnail. Image with width larger than the value will not use thumbnail.

Maximum Image Height for creating thumbnail

Sets the maximum height of an uploaded image to create thumbnail. Image with height larger than the value will not use thumbnail.

Enable Who's Online

Enable Who's Online Block shown below the Index page and the Forum pages

HP/MP/EXP Level Mode

HP is determined by your average posts per day. MP is determined by your join date related to your post count. EXP goes up each time you post, and when you get to 100%, you gain a level and the EXP drops to 0 again.

Show Real Name

Replace username with user's real name.

Enable Group bar

Display the Groups of the User in the Post info field.

Enable Rating Function

Allow Topic Rating

Report a Post

User can report posts to Moderator(s), for any reason, which enables Moderator(s) to take action

Enable Quick reply

This will enable the Quick reply form

Enable RSS Feed

Enable RSS Feed, edit options below for maximum Items and Description length

RSS Max. Items

RSS Max. Description Length

RSS Feed cache time

Cache time for re-generating RSS feed, in minutes.

Show Infobox

Infobox contains information about the user (joining date, number of posts,...)

Show social links

Show sharing buttons on the bottom of each post

Show Advertising

shows a commercial break after the 2nd Thread

Show Jumpbox

If Enabled, a drop-down menu will allow users to jump to another forum from a forum or topic

Show Permission Table

Setting YES will display user's right

Email post digest

Set time period for sending post digest to users

Show user IP

Setting YES will show users IP to moderators

Enable karma requirement

This allows user to set a karma requirement for other users reading his/her post

Karma options for post

Use ', ' as delimiter for multi-options.

'Since' options for creating a selection box in 'viewform.php', 'list.topic.php' and 'search.php'

Positive value for days and negative value for hours. Use

'Since' default value in selection box

Default value in the selection box if not specified by users. Positive value for days and negative value for hours. (0=From the beginning) (365=From the last year)

Allow registered users to post anonymously

This allows a logged in user to post anonymously

Prefix for anonymous user

This will add a prefix to the anonymous username while posting

Allow requiring reply to read a post

This feature forces readers to reply to the original posters post before being able to read the original

Time limit for edit a post

Set a Time limit for user editing their own post. In minutes, 0 for no limit

Timelimit for recording edit info

Set a Timelimit for waiving recording edit info. In minutes, 0 for no limit

Time limit for deleting a Post

Set a Time limit for user deleting their own post. In minutes, 0 for no limit

Time limit for consecutively posting

Set a Time limit for consecutively posting. In seconds, 0 for no limit

Check permission

Check permission for edit on display page

Enable user moderation

Forum moderator can suspend a specific user for a specific time period in the forum.

Show Disclaimer

Enter your Disclaimer that will be shown for the above selected option. Current default is: The forum contains a lot of posts with a lot of useful information. In order to keep the number of double-posts to a minimum, we would like to ask you to use the forum search before posting your questions here.

Forum for welcoming new user

A profile post will be published when a user visits Forum module for the first time

Xoops Poll Module

Xoops Poll Module

Enable Notification

This module allows users to be notified when certain events occur. Select if users should be presented with notification options in a Block (Block-style), within the module (Inline-style), or both. For block-style notification, the Notification Options block must be enabled for this module.

Enable Specific Events

Select which notification events to which your users may subscribe.

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