XOOPS Documentation Series

XOOPS Documentation Series

Module NewBB 5.0

for XOOPS 2.5.10 & PHP 7.2+

User Manual

Module Purpose

This module is for creating a Discussion Forums, aka BBS (Bulletin Boards).

Key Features

  • Extensive Permission/Moderation System

  • User-friendly Admin Interface

  • Reorder Categories, Forums and Subforums

  • Subforums

  • Attachments (can show Pictures directly)

  • Add Poll to Topic

  • Prune System

  • Digest System

  • Karma system

  • Experience Level system

  • Thread Rating Function

  • Editing and deleting can have a timelimit.

  • Possible to allow Post only after a Timelimit (next post i.e. 30 sec from same User)

  • Moderate a Group (Post need to be approved before displaying )

  • Choice between Realname or Nickname

  • Fulltext Notification

  • Topic Subject Prefix

  • In Blocks you can select which Forum or Forums to display

  • Print Thread

  • RSS Feed

  • Collapsing Categories and Fastreply Box ( Cookie will remember Position )

  • Can mark all topics as read

  • Disclaimer (Choose to display Reply / Post / Both / None)

  • Reply first before seeing the other replies

You can fork the module --> here)

How to Contribute

You can contribute on GitHub. Changes will be pushed to automatically when the main repository changes.

Editing the book can be done either by updating the markdown files with a text editor, or opening the repository in the Gitbook desktop app. The desktop app will give you a live preview option.

Table of Content

All derivative works are to be attributed to XOOPS Project (

All derivative works are to be attributed to XOOPS Project (

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