Related and Page Sets

Related Pages

Pages are "related" if they have the same parent page specified in the Page Editor. To make use of this, the administrator can enable the Related Pages block. This block can be configured to show a limited number of related pages, choosing either the newest or most popular related pages.

Page Sets

Pages can be grouped into sets by specifying the same Page Set Home in the Meta Edit section of the Page Editor.

Page Set Navigation Buttons

If the current page is part of a page set, navigation buttons will be displayed.
    Go to the first page of a page set.
    Go to the previous page in a page set.
    Go to the Page Set Home.
    Go to the next page in a page set.
    Go to the last page in a page set.

Table of Contents

The {pagesettoc} wiki directive can be used to insert the table of contents for a whole page set into the current page. Additionally, the administrator can make the Page Set TOC block available. The block can be configured for how many levels of the TOC to include in its display. This block also features a search function which searches only in the page set pages.