Create Page Wizard
The Create Page Wizard provides a set of tools to assist in creating a new wiki page. Look for the wizard wand icon in the page information area when you first enter the editor with a new page name.
The administrator can also make the New Page block enter the Create Page Wizard instead of the Editor. The wizard will present a series of panels, each with Continue and Cancel options.
If no page name has been specified, the first panel will display a selection list of namespaces the user has permissions for, and a text field for entry of a page name.
The next panel shows the available options to create a page:
    Create from Template - If a Template Namespace is defined, a list of all available templates will be shown. The Content portion of the selected template page will be copied into a the new page.
    Copy an existing page - enter the page name of an existing page. The entire page, including most data from the Meta Edit section in the page editor, will be copied to the new page.
    Import from HTML - Select an HTML file, or copy and paste the HTML into the form. The conversion is limited, and simpler documents work better.
    Import a Text file - Copy a text file into a wiki page. This can be used to import pages from another wiki, or to load a text file to be reformatted as a wiki page.
    Create an Image Gallery - select a set of images and create a gallery page from them.
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