Process requirements
The process of creation XOOPS Documentation using GitBook and GitHub requires:

Creating a GitHub Repository for the book

There are two ways to contribute to XOOPS Documentation:
a) Fork an existing book/tutorial
To do so, go to an existing tutorial on GitHub XOOPS Docs, and fork it by clicking on the Fork Button: (screenshot)
  • Rename the repo to what you want your book to be called:
    • Click settings from the home screen of the forked repo (forking creates a copy of the repository under your username). (screenshot)
    • Rename the repo if needed (screenshot)
  • Clone the repo to your machine, if you want to work on the document locally. For Windows users there is the GitHub for Windows, which can be very helpful. You just need to click the "Clone" button on your repository, and GitHub will take care of the rest.
    Of course, you can also use your favorite way of interacting with Git, incl. the command line.
b) Creating a new book/tutorial from scratch
  • You can also start writing a book/tutorial from scratch by creating a new repository in your account.
  • In this case, we recommend to use the "XOOPS Documentation Starter Kit", that has already a predefined projects structure and the required files, making it easier for you to just start writing. There is more information about it in the last chapter in this publication.