How to write XOOPS Documentation using GitHub and GitBook

XOOPS was always known for a very good code, good architecture, and its modular approach, but we were never able to create good documentation.
With the recent technological advances, especially around GitHub, we believe we have now found tools that will help us to:
a) streamline the process and make it more efficient b) engage the community by leveraging the same "forking and submitting pull requests" process as they they user at the normal coding activities.

Why Gitbook?

GitBook is a tool for building beautiful books using Markdown syntax. It can generate your book in multiple formats: PDF, ePub, mobi or as a Website. By leveraging GitHub, it provides the best collaboration tool for developers and documentation writers to work together, and with an excellent versioning system as a foundation.
The biggest advantage for Open Source projects such as XOOPS, is that everybody can contribute to the documentation by simply forking the document and submitting changes back to the team.
Another advantage of GitBook is the option to have multi-lingual versions in one single repository, with users being able to select their language. Since XOOPS is a very international project, this is very important to us.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about GitBook, you can use their help site or their super useful README. Everything regarding how to work with this GitBook is there.


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