Administration Menu

Figure 2: Admin menu of the xForms Module
In the menu you can do following:
  • Import forms from Testdata
  • Save existing forms as Testdata (e.g. forlater testing)
  • Create new forms and edit existing ones
  • Manage existing forms
  • Create/Edit form elements
  • Create Form reports
  • Import Forms from other modules
  • Set Blocks
You can also learn more about the module by looking at the "About" tab, and at the "Help" tab.

Import Sample Forms

Manage Forms

Create/Edit Form

Create/Edit Form Elements

Form Reports

Here you can see the form reports of the form existing forms.

Import Forms from other modules

If there are active modules that xForms could import forms from, you can see them in the "Import Forms" tab.

Blocks Administration

Here you can manage the blocks that are used in the forms.

About xForms