Module xForms

for XOOPS 2.5.10+

for PHP 7.2+

User Manual

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Module Purpose

xForms is a module for XOOPS to offer widely customizable web forms.

This module allows the generation of different kinds of form elements e.g. text areas, check boxes for webmasters to create their "Contact Us" forms. Submitted information can be sent by email or through the private message system of XOOPS, and received by selected user group(s).

Some of the functions include:

  • Ability to record data in the database.

  • Sending email (copied configurable) and private message

  • Management of attached files and images (including downloaded)

  • Multiple configurations form (descriptions, shipping methods, etc.).

  • Generation of reports for saved forms

  • Set start and end dates of validity

Figure 1: Main view of the xForms Module (Admin side)

You can fork the module --> here)

How to Contribute

You can contribute on GitHub. Changes will be pushed to automatically when the main repository changes.

Editing the book can be done either by updating the markdown files with a text editor, or opening the repository in the Gitbook desktop app. The desktop app will give you a live preview option.

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