gwLoto Tutorial

Welcome to the gwloto demo

gwLoto is a web based hazardous energy control plan manager. It is designed to facilitate the communication and tracking of vital safety procedures to enable workers to safely accomplish maintenance tasks through a documented lockout and tagout program.
gwLoto features:
    Manage control plans to safely de-energize, inspect and re-energize equipment for maintenance
    Create jobs to plan, assign, track and record the execution of control plans
    Associate existing business documents, such as forms, with plans
    Meet the needs of the modern workforce with multilingual capabilities
    Customize for specific requirements with plug-in based output options
    Separate roles in the enterprise with granular permissions
    Support unlimited users anywhere with web based design

Accessing the Demo

You can browse the demo in a read only mode by clicking here. To try the editing tools, click the button below. Once in the demo, you will have full edit authority in the "Sandbox" place.
The data in the demo system is reset periodically. If you have any special requirements to maintain data you have entered for a longer period, please contact us.