This step is optional, but can easily save you hours of frustration.

As a pre-install test of the hosting system, a very small, but useful PHP script is created locally, and uploaded to the target system.

The PHP script is only one line:

<?php phpinfo();

Using a text editor, create a file named info.php with this one line.

Next, upload this file to your web root.

Access your script by opening it in your browser, i.e. accessing If everything is working correctly, you should see a page something like this:

Note: some hosting services may disable the phpinfo() function as a security measure. You usually will receive a message to that effect, if that is the case.

The output of the script might come in handy for troubleshooting, so consider saving a copy of it.

If the test works, you should be good to go for the install. You should delete the info.php script, and proceed with the install.

If the test fails, investigate why! Whatever issue is preventing this simple test from working will prevent a real install from working.

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