1. Overview

Figure 3: Projects on Transifex (Admin side)
You see an overview of the projects you have already read from transifex.

Status of a project

For more details about 'Status' please look on page Status
you can read details for this project from transifex
you can edit details for this project
you can delete a project
you can show resources of this project

Project type

The project status is only important, if you want to upload resources to Transifex (Attention: you need specific permissions on Transifex for this operation).
Depending on this type the folder structure of the language package will be created (see also Resources).
Possible types:
  • Not defined
  • Upload from module: select this type, if you want to read the language files of a specific module, existing in current XOOPS environment
  • XOOPS Core: select this type, if you want to upload the XOOPS Core languange files
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