In the module preferences you can set various options for this module:

3.1 Options in detail


Select the template you want use for showing the legal notices on userside. Following templates are available: default (default format for paragraphs) table-style (Use default table style) block-style (Use default block style) xbootstrap (Use xbootstrap - xbootstrag must be also available)


You can decide, which editor should be used for editing on admin sides for handling your versions/contents. Xoops offers by default 3 editors:

1) onlyText

This editor can be used for saving pure text

2) DHTML with xCode

An Editor with various Xoops-Tags

3) TinyMCE

Extended texteditor with a lot of options for formatting, lists, and so on. The text will be save as HTML-Code in your database.

Attention: if you display text, which is created with TinyMCE, diplay later with e.g. the DHTML-Editor, you will see all the Html-Tags. Please use in this case again TinyMCE or remove all HTML-Tags.

Default-Server for checking online-versions

Define default server/website, which should be used for checking and downloading of available online versions. Predefined is the website of module developer.

Define, whether you want to allow other xoops developers to download the legal notes of your database. Additionally you have to define for each version seperately, whether it should be downloadable or not.


You can add keywords, which are added to the meta tags. Seperate the keywords by comma.

Admin pager

You can define the number of items for lists in admin area.

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