wgGallery Tutorial

Version: 1.14 RC1

for XOOPS 2.5.10+

for PHP 7.0 +

User Manual

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Module Purpose

This module is for presentation of your images in a gallery.
You can defined various albums and combine different albums to a collection.
This module supports:
  • automatic resizing of images to predefined width/height
  • multi upload with drag&drop
  • enhanced album and image management (sorting by drag&drop)
  • the module contains now a completely new image editor
    • automatic resizing of images to predefined width/height
    • easy creation of grid images
    • easy cropping of images
  • various album styles, and all album styles have a lot of possible settings to customize your index page and blocks
    • default
    • simple
    • hover effects
    • bootstrap cards
  • various gallery types, and all gallery types have a lot of possible settings to customize your gallery
    • Lightbox2
    • Justified Gallery with Colorbox
    • ViewerJs
    • Jssor
    • LC Lightbox LITE
  • watermarks can be used
    • text watermark
    • image watermark
  • possibility to combine albums to a category
  • permission settings for each album/category
    • permission to view
    • permission to download large or mmedium images
  • based on bootstrap (for proper showing a bootstrap theme is obligatory)
  • maintenance tools
  • feedback tool
  • import tool for
    • eXtGallery
    • TDMPicture
  • storage of EXIF data possible
All used templates on user side are fully responsive.
This module works only in combination with a bootstrap theme or you have to include bootstrap files manually to your theme.
Example of image gallery on user side
Dashboard on admin side


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Tutorial Version: 1.0

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