Administration Menu
There are seven (7) menu options on top.
Here you can configure your preferences for the module
Click here if you’ve made some changes to the module, uploaded new files, etc. – this will recompile the module and update all entries in the database
When you click here, it will redirect you to the Blocks section of XOOPS, and select the blocks related to your module
Here you can modify the standard module templates using the XOOPS Template manager
This module does not support Comments so the link takes you the XOOPS Comment manager
Links to the module uninstall option, the same as clicking the “red arrow” on the module administration page
Go to module
If the module is visible on the user side, this will take you there
There are six (6) Tabs in the Administration of the XOOPS Partners module:
    Home Tab – displays relevant module information (shown in the previous graphic)
    Messages Tab – allows management of Contact messages
    Log Tab – allows viewing various message logs
    Prune Tab – allows deleting messages from the database
    About - information about the module, its authors, and changelog
    Help - provides additional help for the user

2.1 Home Tab

The module’s home screen displays links to the administration functions and also provides information on the system configuration check results. The module verifies the XOOPS installation meets the minimum requirement to ensure the module operates correctly.
The home screen also displays the current number of messages stored in the database.
Figure: The “Messages” Tab
Figure 1 : The “Module Home” Tab

2.2 Messages Tab

Message 1
Figure 2: The “Messages” Tab
The messages page (shown in the graphic above) displays useful information about the messages received. The subject of the message along with the date submitted, if the administrator has sent a reply, the Department (if enabled) the message was sent to, submitter information and also an action panel for each message. Action Panel
The action panel consists of four (4) action icons.
    Delete – Delete this message from the database
    View – view the complete message and header information (subject, to/from, etc)
    Reply – create a reply for this message
    Preview – Quickly preview the message in a javascript popup window

2.3 Log Tab

Figure: The “Logs” Tab
The log page provides the administrator the ability to display log information for messages in the database. There is a selection for the field used for the selection – this means only messages with this field completed will be included in the message log. The administrator may also choose to limit the display logs for dates prior to the selected date. Note: Only fields activated in module Preferences will be shown in the available selection box. Some fields (location, phone and address) are never included in the selection box.

2.4 Prune Tab

Figure: The Prune Tab
The prune page provides the administrator the ability to prune (delete) messages in the database. There is a selection to select the date used for the deletion – this means only messages before this date will be removed. Warning: Once this action is completed (via confirmation on the following page) the messages will be removed from the database and no longer available.

2.5 About Tab

Figure: The “About” Tab
The about page provides useful module information. The page shows detailed information about the module version, the date it was installed in this XOOPS installation, a detailed log of the changes made to the module. Also included is a donation link. Please, if you find this module useful, donate something to help continue it’s development.

2.6 Help Tab

Figure: The “Help” Tab
On this tab you can find a short description of this module and the functions of this module.
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