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As written in the "Designing for XOOPS' book by Sun Ruoyu, "XOOPS provides you with eight block positions, which should be more than enough in most cases. However, for a very complex home page, you may still run out of blocks. And sometimes you want to totally abandon the traditional block layout for your home page, as the block layout can look quite old-fashioned.
The key question is how to fully customize your XOOPS home page, without the limitation of the block system. Well, it may sound a bit fancy and high-tech, but actually it isn’t. Thanks to the work of some module developers, we have several solutions available."
One of them is the Block Tools module, developed by Susheng Yang from China.
Before we move with explaining the module, we highly recommend the book for everybody who would like to learn how to design websites using XOOPS. You can purchase the book on Amazon