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Administration Menu

This is the main screen of the Adminer module
It has three main service areas:
  • MySQL Management
  • MySQL Editor
  • BigDump
and two help areas:
  • About Us
  • Help
When you go to the MySQL Management Tab, you will need to login and select the database you want to use
After you login, you are presented with the list of available databases, and you can select the one you want to work with
After you select the Database, you can see the tables and select one (or several, if you want to do "bulk" operations)
You can view the data stored in the table
You can also view the structure of the table

MySQL Editor

In the MySQL Editor, you can also select database and the table
You can select and edit individual records.
Sometimes this might be faster that doing it using the edit forms provided by individual modules


In the opening screen of BigDump you can select the "Dump" file that you want to upload, and then start the uploading process.


This tab gives you information about the authors of tthe module, its version number, and the changelog information.
Finally, the Help screen gives you more info about the module, as well as info about:
  • support
  • link to this tutorial, as well as a link to GitHub where you can contribute to the documentation, as well as to the module itself
  • link to translation sites, where you can contribute translations in your language
  • finally, links to other locations on GitHub, where you can find other Modules and Themes