Module xNewsletter

for XOOPS 2.5.7

Version: xNewsletter 1.2 Final

User Manual

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Module Purpose

This module is a Newsletter module for XOOPS created by Goffy.
Figure 1: Main view of the xNewsletter Module (Admin side)

Key Features:

  • Usage of one or more e-mail-accounts
  • Admin of one or more newsletter possible
  • Subscription procedure optionally use confirmation system (double-opt-in)
  • Detailed handling of permissions for subscription procedures
  • Newsletters are based on templates
  • Detailed handling of permissions for groups and newsletter (subscribe, write, send)
  • Send: send test mail, resend to all subscribers or only to subscribers, where sending failed
  • Sending newsletters to unlimited number of recipients or in packages with certain number of recipients by using cronjob
  • Bounced email handler for handling Bounced emails in case of invalid e-mail-addresses
  • Optional synchronization with mailing lists (e.g. majordomo)
  • Maintenance function included
  • Creating protocol for the important steps

Download/Fork the Module

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How to Contribute

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